Fallen ★★½

D: Gregory Hoblit
Warner Bros./Turner/Atlas (Charles Roven & Dawn Steel)
USA 🇺🇸 1998
127 mins
W: Nicholas Kazan
DP: Newton Thomas Sigel
Ed: Lawrence Jordan
Mus: Tan Dun
Denzel Washington (Det. John Hobbes), John Goodman (Det. Jonesy), Donald Sutherland (Lt. Stanton), Embeth Davidtz (Greta Milano), James Gandolfini (Lou), Elias Koteas (Edgar Reese)
Unoriginal and forgettable supernatural thriller which sees Denzel Washington's clean-cut detective hunting a demonic serial killer who has the ability to transfer his soul from one body to another.
It's all been done before and much better as well, most notably in 1987's sci-fi/horror The Hidden (qv). 
The tagline "Don't Trust A Soul" is probably the cleverest thing about it.