Fatal Instinct ★★

D: Carl Reiner
MGM (Katy Jacobs & Pierce Gardner)
USA 🇺🇸 1993
88 mins
W: David O'Malley 
DP: Gabriel Beristain
Ed: Bud Molin & Stephen Myers
Mus: Richard Gibbs
Armand Assante (Ned Ravine), Sherilyn Fenn (Laura Lingonberry), Kate Nelligan (Lana Ravine), Sean Young (Lola Cain), Christopher McDonald (Frank Kelbo), James Remar (Max Shady)
Silly parody of both Fatal Attraction & Basic Instinct which throws in a few references to other classic film noir and thriller movies for good measure.
There's maybe one or two funny moments in the whole film, which isn't a particularly good ratio and the performances are nothing better than average.
Personally, I think this should be skipped and the films which are referenced within should be watched instead. It's a much more productive use of time.