Ganja & Hess

Ganja & Hess ★★★

D: Bill Gunn
Kelly/Jordan (Chiz Schultz)
USA 🇺🇸 1973
110 mins


W: Bill Gunn
DP: James E. Hinton 
Ed: Victor Kanefsky
Mus: Sam Waymon

Duane Jones (Dr. Hess Green), Marlene Clark (Ganja), Bill Gunn (George), Sam Waymon (Rev. Williams), Leonard Jackson (Archie)

Released during the height of blaxploitation cinema, this twist on vampire movies stars Duane Jones as a New York anthropologist who develops a blood lust after being stabbed with a Myrthian dagger by his crazed assistant.
Clearly filmed on a super low budget, the film does get bogged down in a lot of cultural references and a lot of boring chit-chat.
The film developed a cult following, even inspiring a reimagination from director Spike Lee.