Gladiator ★★★

D: Rowdy Herrington
Columbia (Frank Price & Steve Roth)                      
USA 🇺🇸 1992
102 mins
W: Lyle Kessler & Robert Mark Kamen
DP: Tak Fujimoto
Ed: Peter Zinner & Harry B. Miller III
Mus: Brad Fiedel
James Marshall (Tommy Riley), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Abraham Lincoln Haines), Brian Dennehy (Jimmy Horn), Robert Loggia (Pappy Jack)
A white high school student moves to a gritty urban, diverse neighbourhood and gets involved with a crooked fight promoter who arranges bare knuckle boxing matches in an underground environment. There's a race relations subplot thrown in and a handful of decent performances, but all in all this is just a poor man's Rocky with an incredibly predictable narrative.
Not to be confused with the 2000 film of the same name.