Hear No Evil ★★½

D: Robert Greenwald
20th Century Fox (Robert Greenwald & David Matalon)
US 🇺🇸 1989
97 mins


W: R.M. Badat, Danny Rubin & Kathleen Rowell
DP: Steven Shaw
Ed: Eva Gardos
Mus: Graeme Revell

Marlee Matlin (Jillian Shanahan), D.B. Sweeney (Ben Kendall), Martin Sheen (Lt. Brock), John C. McGinley (Mickey O'Malley), Christine Carllisi (Grace)

Despite winning the Best Actress Oscar for 1986, Marlee Matlin's career as an actress never really developed much further beyond that, and this sub-par 1993 thriller is far beneath her talents.
It's your usual run-of-the-mill serial killer stuff, the only difference here is that the lead character is hearing impaired.
Marlee Matlin does as good a job as could be expected with the script that has to work with, but this really isn't anything more than TV movie-of-the-week standard.