Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★

D: Taika Waititi
Piki/Madman/Defender/Curious (Carthew Neal, Matt Noonan, Leanne Saunders & Taika Waititi)
New Zealand 🇳🇿 2016
101 mins


W: Taika Waititi [based on the novel "Wild Pork & Watercress" by Barry Crump]
DP: Lachlan Milne
Ed: Luke Haigh, Tom Eagles & Yana Gorskaya
Mus: Lukasz Buda, Samuel Scott & Conrad Budde

Sam Neill (Hector Faulkner), Julian Dennison (Ricky Baker), Rima Te Wiata (Bella Faulkner), Rachel House (Paula Hall), Rhys Darby (Psycho Sam)

A rebellious teenager is sent to live in the care of his aunt & uncle in the New Zealand countryside, and shortly after his aunt's death, the boy and his uncle go on a trek in the bushlands, sparking a national manhunt.
Taika Waititi adapted the screenplay from a book by Barry Crump, using his own quirky style and dialogue to accentuate the characters. Whimsically different, the film will be a joy to those who appreciate the filmmaker's other works.