Jane Got a Gun ★★½

D: Gavin O'Connor
The Weinstein Company/Relativity Media/Handsomecharlie/1821/Stone Village/Weather Vane (Natalie Portman, Aleen Keshishian, Zack Schiller, Mary Regency Boies, Scott Steindorff, Scott LaStaiti & Terry Douglas)
US 2015 (released 2016)
98 mins


W: Brian Duffield, Anthony Tambiakis & Joel Edgerton
DP: Mandy Walker
Ed: Alan Cody
Mus: Lisa Gerrard & Marcello de Francisci 

Natalie Portman (Jane Hammond), Joel Edgerton (Dan Frost), Noah Emmerich (Bill Hammond), Ewan McGregor (John Bishop), Boyd Holbrook (Vic Bishop)

A troubled production that spent nearly 4 years in the making due to re-writes, cast and director changes, as well as distribution issues, Jane Got A Gun is a bit of a muddled mess, though it's probably began life with much promise.
This western stars Natalie Portman as Jane, who enlists the help of her ex when her husband is hunted by a criminal posse he used to be part of.
The film bizarrely uses a non-linear narrative that it doesn't need as it constantly uses flashbacks to set everything up for the big showdown, and whilst there's some good performances, atmospheric photography, stirring music and convincing set design, the story itself just doesn't seem credible and the narrative is just far too messy.
Unsurprisingly, the film was a box office bomb.