Jay And Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie ★★

D: Steve Stark
Phase 4/Smodcast (Jason Mewes & Jordan Monsanto)
US 2013
63 mins


W: Kevin Smith [based on his comic book "Bluntman & Chronic"]
Mus: James L. Venable

voices of: Jason Mewes (Jay/Chronic), Kevin Smith (Silent Bob/Bluntman), Eliza Dushku (Lipstick Lesbian), Tara Strong (Cocknocker/Small Fry The Science Guy), Ralph Garman (Dick Head/Doc Brown), Neil Garman (Albert the Manservant)

Jay & Silent Bob are back, in cartoon form, in this adaptation of Kevin Smith's Bluntman & Chronic comic book adventures.
This is quite possibly the film within a film which the duo were trying to stop being made in their 2001 film, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (qv), which makes sense, because the animation is very rudimentary and the sound recording is very amateur.
Like all Kevin Smith's films, the self-referential humour makes it important to have seen his previous films, but this doesn't appeal directly to his fans. It's a little too puerile for that. The fact that the villains are called Lipstick Lesbian, Cocknocker & Dick Head will suggest to you whether this will be your type of film or not.