K2 ★★½

K2 (15)
D: Franc Roddam
Transpacific/Majestic (Jonathan Taplin, Marilyn Weiner & Tim Van Rellim)
US 1991
111 mins


W: Patrick Myers & Scott Roberts [based on the play by Patrick Myers]
DP: Gabriel Beristain
Ed: Sean Barton
Mus: Chaz Jankel

Michael Biehn (Taylor Brooks), Matt Craven (Harold Jameson), Raymond J. Barry (Philip Claiborne), Luca Bercovici (Dallas Woolf)

Loosely based on real-life events: Two friends endeavour to climb the second-highest mountain on Earth, K2 (also referred to as Godwin-Austen), and find the expedition more difficult than they originally anticipated.
This National Geographic buddy-buddy adventure is unfortunately so damned boring that you'll wish they were climbing a shorter mountain. Attractive cinematography, but little else to recommend about it.