Komodo ★★

D: Michael Lantieri
Scanbox Asia Pacific (Alan Riche & Tony Ludwig)
Australia 1999
90 mins
W: Hans Bauer & Craig Mitchell
DP: David Burr
Ed: Michael Fallavollita
Mus: John Debney
Jill Hennessy (Victoria), Billy Burke (Oates), Kevin Zegers (Patrick), Paul Gleeson (Denby)
Komodo dragon eggs are dumped on a North Carolina beach in the 1970's. 20 years later they hatch and the young dragons have an appetite...
Average creature feature with unconvincing giant lizards and even less convincing acting, disappointing considering the film is directed by special effects expert Michael Lantieri (of Jurassic Park fame).
The formula has been done long before and will continue to be done since.
Enjoyable enough for a "bad movie", but not as memorable as others.