Kuffs ★★

KUFFS (15)
D: Bruce A. Evans
Universal (Raynold Gideon)
US 1992
101 mins


W: Bruce A. Evans & Raynold Gideon
DP: Thomas Del Ruth
Ed: Stephen Semel
Mus: Harold Faltermeyer

Christian Slater (George Kuffs), Tony Goldwyn (Ted Bukovsky), Milla Jovovich (Maya Carlton), Bruce Boxleitner (Brad Kuffs), Troy Evans (Captain Morino)

A crime comedy with more fourth-wall breaks than it does actual jokes.
When his cop brother dies, young slacker George Kuffs inherits his police precinct and immediately sets about solving the crime. At least until a corrupt DA partners him with a strictly by-the-book officer who doesn't want to get involved in any scandals.
This mismatched cop comedy relies far too much on Christian Slater breaking the fourth wall & narrating direct-to-camera in the same cocksure mannerisms of Ferris Bueller, whilst the majority of jokes are mostly puerile or simply not funny.
Still, if this film was played straight it would still be littered with predictable clichés, a nonsensical plot and some truly odious performances.