Life Stinks

Life Stinks ★★½

D: Mel Brooks
20th Century Fox/Brooksfilms/Studio Canal (Mel Brooks)
US 1991
95 mins


W: Mel Brooks, Rudy de Luca & Steve Haberman
DP: Steven Poster
Ed: David Rawlins
Mus: John Morris
PD: Peter Larkin

Mel Brooks (Goddard Bolt), Lesley Ann Warren (Molly), Jeffrey Tambor (Vance Cresswell), Stuart Pankin (Pritchard)

Mel Brooks first came to prominence following the success of 1968 comedy The Producers and saw a flurry of hits during the 1970's (Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein).
By the time the 90's had come around the writer-director-actor had lost a lot of his comedy zing, turning away from spoof in favour of a more slapstick style approach. This Capra-esque style farce, in which he plays a billionaire who takes a wager that he can't "live poor" for a month, isn't amongst his best works, but it certainly doesn't stink either.