Love ★★

LOVE (18)
D: Gaspar Noé
Wild Bunch/Rectangle/RT/Les Cinémas De La Zone (Vincent Maraval) 
France/Belgium 2015
135 mins


W: Gaspar Noé
DP: Benoît Debie
Ed: Gaspar Noé & Denis Bedlow
Mus: Lawrence Schulz & John Carpenter

Karl Glusman (Murphy), Aomi Muyock (Electra), Klara Kristin (Omi), Ugo Fox (Gaspar), Juan Saavedra (Julio)

Gaspar Noé is a filmmaker who has never been afraid of exploring controversial themes and his 2015 film Love is no exception to that.
Essentially it's pornography, presented in 3D, disguised as an art film. This erotic drama features sex scenes which are not simulated, full frontal nudity which leaves nothing to the imagination and even shots which feature male ejaculation, so it's probably not a good one to watch during dinner, or if the grandmother pops round for a cup of tea.
The plot concerns a film student (Murphy) living in Paris with his girlfriend (Electra), both of whom have a no-strings-attached threesome with another woman (Omi) to spice up their sex life. However, Murphy continues having an affair with Omi, resulting in a pregnancy and his relationship with Electra ends as a result.
The film could almost be considered a sexually-charged update of The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, but it could also be considered smut and nothing more.
Some people may like pornography, and that's fine, but when it comes disguised as an art film it's just pretentiously unnecessary and I feel Gaspar Noé simply made this for shock value, especially since it was initially screened at Cannes Film Festival.