Love Story ★★★½

D: Arthur Hiller
Paramount (Howard G. Minsky)
US 1970
99 mins
W: Erich Segal
DP: Dick Kratina
Ed: Robert C. Jones
Mus: Francis Lai
Ali MacGraw (Jenny Cavilleri), Ryan O'Neal (Oliver Barrett IV), Ray Milland (Oliver Barrett III), Katherine Balfour (Mrs. Barrett), John Marley (Phil Cavilleri), Russell Nype (Dean Thompson)
Considered a huge classic at the time of its original release, some may say due to the iconic theme by Francis Lai, it's a much imitated romantic story of a love affair torn apart by a terminal illness.
The generation who grew up with it will appreciate it most and it will still garner favour with fans of romance. More cynical viewers will find little to enjoy about it, except perhaps for John Marley's supporting role as Ali MacGraw's character's hard-bitten father.