Ma ★★

MA (2019)
D: Tate Taylor
Universal/Blumhouse/Wyolah (Jason Blum, Tate Taylor & John Norris)
US 🇺🇸 2019
99 mins


W: Scotty Landes & Tate Taylor
DP: Christina Voros
Ed: Lucy Donaldson & Jin Lee
Mus: Gregory Tripi

Octavia Spencer (Sue Ann Ellington), Diana Silvers (Maggie Thompson), Juliette Lewis (Erica Thompson), Luke Evans (Ben Hawkins), McKaley Miller (Haley)

Octavia Spencer's impressive performance saves this derivative thriller, in which she plays a troubled woman who obsessively stalks a group of school friends, all of whom are the children of those who bullied her when she was a child.
The performances as a whole are fine, especially Spencer, but the entire plot is built around an incredibly unconvincing coincidence that a group of people who never moved from their town, had children all at the same time, and them children all happened to be good friends. Utter piss!
The film could have been so much better had it been told exclusively from the perspective of Spencer's character, rather than focusing on some boring high school kids like every other teen horror movie does.
Acting saves the day here, the rest of the film is awful.