Mickey Blue Eyes

Mickey Blue Eyes ★★

D: Kelly Makin
Universal/Castle Rock/Simian (Elizabeth Hurley & Charles Mulvehill)
US 1999
103 mins


W: Adam Scheinman & Robert Kuhn
DP: Donald E. Thorin
Ed: David Freeman
Mus: Basil Poledouris

Hugh Grant (Michael Felgate), James Caan (Frank Vitale), Jeanne Tripplehorn (Gina Vitale), Burt Young (Vito Graziosi), James Fox (Philip Cromwell), Joe Viterelli (Vinnie D'Agostino)

Meagre attempt to cash in on Hugh Grant's popularity at the time by casting him in this tepid rom-com about a charmingly befuddled English auctioneer who gets inadvertently involved with the Mafia when he falls in love with a teacher whose father is a mobster.
It's all one-joke sitcom stuff with annoying performances and not much to laugh about.