Mr. Destiny ★★½

D: James Orr
Touchstone/Silver Screen Partners IV (James Orr & Jim Cruickshank)
US 1990
105 mins
W: James Orr & Jim Cruickshank
DP: Alex Thomson
Ed: Michael R. Miller
Mus: David Newman
James Belushi (Larry Burrows), Linda Hamilton (Ellen Burrows / Ellen Robertson), Michael Caine (Mike the Barman / Mr. Destiny), Jon Lovitz (Clip Metzler), Hart Bochner (Niles Pender), Bill McCutcheon (Leo Hansen), Rene Russo (Cindy Jo)
A modern twist on It's A Wonderful Life (qv) starring James Belushi as the regretful man in a midlife crisis, wondering if his life would be better had he hit a home run during his baseball-playing high school days. 
The film is entertaining enough, with some decent performances from most and a sweet on-screen chemistry between Belushi & Linda Hamilton. In the grand scheme of things, hitting a homer is far too trivial a plot point as a life-changing event and doesn't convince in the same way that Frank Capra's perennial classic does.