My Blue Heaven ★★

D: Herbert Ross
Warner Bros. (Herbert Ross & Anthea Sylbert)
US 1990
95 mins


W: Nora Ephron
DP: John Bailey
Ed: Stephen A. Rotter & Robert Reitano
Mus: Ira Newborn

Steve Martin (Vinnie Antonelli), Rick Moranis (Barney Coopersmith), Joan Cusack (Hannah Stubbs), Melanie Mayron (Crystal Ryback), Bill Irwin (Kirby), Carol Kane (Shaldeen), William Hickey (Billy Sparrow)

Following a hugely successful period during the 1980's, Steve Martin's fall from the spotlight began with this dull comedy, where he stars as a gangster, relocated in the witness protection programme, finding it hard to go straight, much to the chagrin of government agent Rick Moranis.
The performances feel miscast in this tepid comedy, particularly Steve Martin, who seems robbed of the wacky characteristics which make his performances so much fun. Even the comedian's biggest fans will be hard pressed to find much enjoyment from this.
The film was intended to be the comedy cousin of Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas, the novel upon which it was based was written by Nora Ephron's husband, Nicolas Pileggi. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work.