Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist ★★★

D: Peter Sollett
ScreenGems/Mandate (Kerry Kohansky Roberts, Andrew Miano, Chris Weitz & Paul Weitz)
US 2008
90 mins


W: Lorene Scafaria [based on the novel by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan]
DP: Tom Richmond
Ed: Myron I. Kerstein
Mus: Mark Mothersbaugh

Michael Cera (Nick), Kat Dennings (Norah), Alexis Dziena (Tris), Ari Graynor (Caroline), Aaron Yoo (Thom), Rafi Gavron (Dev), Jay Baruchel (Tal)

Michael Cera does his usual, but Kat Dennings steals the movie in this teen-marketed rom-com set over the course of one night.
Cera plays Nick, the recently-dumped bass player of a teenage band who ends up carpooling with Norah, who goes to school with his ex.
They spend the evening discussing music & relationships as they try to find a venue where their favourite band will be playing, as well as trying to find Norah's inebriated friend who is wandering somewhere around the city.
Adapted from the novel by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan, the film makes for an easy watch and passes the time breezily. Kat Dennings is great in her breakthrough performance, but I'm really fed up of Michael Cera playing the same dweeb character in everything he's ever been in.