No Escape ★★½

D: Martin Campbell
Savoy/Allied/Pacific Western (Gale Anne Hurd)
US 1994
118 mins

Action/Adventure/Science Fiction

W: Michael Gaylin & Joel Gross [based on the novel "The Penal Colony" by Richard Herley]
DP: Phil Meheux
Ed: Terry Rawlings
Mus: Graeme Revell

Ray Liotta (John Robbins), Lance Henriksen (The Father), Stuart Wilson (Marek), Kevin Dillon (Casey), Kevin J. O'Connor (Stephano), Michael Lerner (The Warden), Ernie Hudson (Hawkins)

In the year 2022, a man is wrongfully convicted and imprisoned on a remote island where other inmates vie for supremacy in a land without guards, rules or law & order.
A curious mix of Papillon and Lord Of The Flies which doesn't quite work. Occasional action set pieces satisfy the attention span, but for the most part, a talented cast of actors are left stranded at sea.