The Andromeda Strain ★★★½

D: Robert Wise
Universal (Robert Wise)
USA 🇺🇸 1971
131 mins
Science Fiction/Thriller
W: Nelson Gidding [based on the novel by Michael Crichton]
DP: Richard H. Kline
Ed: Stuart Gilmore
Mus: Gil Melle
PD: Boris Leven
Arthur Hill (Dr. Jeremy Stone), David Wayne (Dr. Charles Dutton), James Olson (Dr. Mark Hall), Kate Reid (Dr. Ruth Leavitt), Paula Kelly (Karen Anson)
Based on arguably Michael Crichton's most serious work, a group of scientists are involved in a race against time to stop a virus which has infected a small village and claimed the lives of it's inhabitants. 
It's amongst the best movies about potentially unstoppable viruses and is much better than most of the disaster movies lauded around in the 1970's. Still watchable even with modern eyes, and from a filmmaking perspective, it's a lot more elaborate than other science fiction vehicles made around the same period.