The Beautician and the Beast

The Beautician and the Beast ★★

D: Ken Kwapis
Paramount (Howard W. Koch & Todd Graff)
USA 🇺🇸 1997
105 mins
W: Todd Graff
DP: Peter Lyons
Ed: Jon Poll
Mus: Cliff Eidelman
PD: Rusty Smith
Fran Drescher (Joy Miller), Timothy Dalton (Boris Pochenko), Ian McNeice (Ira Grushinsky), Patrick Malahide (Leonid Kleist), Lisa Jakub (Katrina Pochenko), Michael Lerner (Jerry Miller), Phyllis Newman (Judy Miller)
More of a contemporary twist on The King & I than the film the title would suggest.  
Fran Drescher plays a New York beautician who is hired as a teacher for the children of an Eastern European dictator (Timothy Dalton), who she begins to fall in love with after initially despising him.
If you can take Fran Drescher's accent (which sounds like fingernails across a blackboard), you may enjoy this romcom, but its appeal is very limited.