The Crush

The Crush ★★½

D: Alan Shapiro
Warner Bros./Morgan Creek (James G. Robinson)
USA 🇺🇸 1993
89 mins
W: Alan Shapiro
DP: Bruce Surtees
Ed: Ian Crafford
Mus: Graeme Revell
Alicia Silverstone (Adrian Forrester), Cary Elwes (Nick Eliot), Jennifer Rubin (Amy Madick), Kurtwood Smith (Cliff Forrester)
A teenage girl develops a crush on her new neighbour and becomes violent where he spurns her advances.
It's all a rather predictable, unoriginal twist on the friend/girlfriend/flatmate/babysitter from hell formula which came out of the woodwork in numbers during the early 90's.
Notable for giving Alicia Silverstone her film breakthrough after appearing in a number of music videos, but aside from that it's all rather unremarkable.

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