The Festival

The Festival ★★

D: Iain Morris
Entertainment Film Distributors/Film 4 (Claire Jones)
UK 2018
98 mins


W: Keith Akushie & Joe Parham
DP: Simon Tindall
Ed: Charlie Fawcett & William Webb
Mus: Rael Jones

Joe Thomas (Nick Taylor), Hannah Tointon (Caitlin), Hammed Animashaun (Shane), Claudia O'Doherty (Amy), Jemaine Clement (Robin), Kurt Yaeger (Pirate), Noel Fielding (Hammerhead), Emma Rigby (Smurf Girl)

The television comedy The Inbetweeners may be long over, but Joe Thomas can still play the same character (practically) in this comedy directed by one of the TV show's creators.
After being dumped by his girlfriend on graduation day, Nick and his best friend, Shane, head off to a music festival for the weekend and find that she's attended the same venue. Nick tries to win her back and he & his friend get in various shenanigans along the way.
For anyone who's watched The Inbetweeners, this film offers no surprises for the kind of comedy you'll expect, and though it's puerile, silly nonsense, it's an easy film to watch without trying to be anything that it isn't. Personally, I think this was (slightly) better than I expected it to be. 

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