The Glitterball ★★★

D: Harley Cokliss
Children's Film Foundation (Mark Forstater)                
UK 🇬🇧 1977
56 mins

Science Fiction

W: Howard Thompson, Michael Abrams & Harley Cokliss 
DP: Alan Hall
Ed: Thomas Schwalm & Nick Gaster
Mus: Harry Robinson

Ben Buckton (Max), Keith Jayne (Pete), Ron Pember (George 'Filthy' Potter), Marjorie Yates (Mrs. Fielding), Barry Jackson (Sgt. Fielding)

Decent British children's short film from the late 1970's about two schoolboys who discover a mysterious alien sphere and try to help it get back to its mothership, but the army and a petty crook try to foil their plans.
The plot may sound like a low-budget British version of E.T., but it's really nothing of the sort. It has dated quite badly and will probably be quite hard to find, even in the bargain basements of a local rental store.