The Hurricane Heist

The Hurricane Heist ★★

D: Rob Cohen
Foresight Unlimited/Parkside/Windfall (Karen Elise Baldwin, Moshe Diamant, Christopher Milburn, Danny Roth, Michael Tadross, Jr. & Damiano Tucci)
US 2018
103 mins


W: Jeff Dixon & Scott Windhauser
DP: Shelly Johnson
Ed: Niven Howie
Mus: Lorne Balfe

Toby Kebbell (Will Rutledge), Maggie Grace (Casey Corbyn), Ryan Kwanten (Breeze Rutledge), Ralph Ineson (Connor Perkins), Melissa Bolona (Sasha Van Dietrich)

In the UK, The Hurricane Heist was released direct-to-television as a Sky Cinema original, which should say quite a lot about the quality...
As the title would suggest, it's about a heist which takes place during a hurricane, planned out by a pair of brothers and a corrupt employee of the U.S. treasury.
Unfortunately, the film is crammed full of one-dimensional characters speaking risible dialogue, set against a backdrop of awful visual effects and a clichéd music score.
There is an audience for these type of brainless action movies, and for that particular audience this will serve as a reasonable timekiller. 
For everyone else, it's just your usual ridiculous hokum with very little to recommend about it. Personally, I think this movie manages to both suck and blow.