The Kindred ★★

D: Jeffrey Obrow & Stephen Carpenter  
Norkat/FM (Jeffrey Obrow)
US 1987
97 mins
W: Jeffrey Obrow, Stephen Carpenter, John Penney, Earl Ghaffari & Joseph Stefano
DP: Stephen Carpenter
Ed: Earl Ghaffari & John Penney
Mus: David Newman
David Allen Brooks (John Hollins), Rod Steiger (Dr. Phillip Lloyd), Amanda Pays (Melissa Leftridge), Talia Balsam (Sharon Raymond), Kim Hunter (Amanda Hollins)
Unoriginal and not particularly interesting low budget creature feature pitting a group of scientists against a genetically engineered beastie.
It's all been done before and will continue to be done long since. There are a few effective moments and creature effects, but overall it's a film which will only be really appreciated by diehard horror aficionados.