The Last Broadcast

The Last Broadcast ★★★

D: Stefan Avalos & Lance Weiler
Metrodome/FFM (Stefan Avalos & Lance Weiler)
US 1998
86 mins
W: Stefan Avalos & Lance Weiler
Mus: Stefan Avalos & A.D. Roso 
David Beard (David), Jim Seward (Jim), Lance Weiler (Locus), Stefan Avalos (Steven), Rein Clabbers (Rein), Michele Pulaski (Michelle)
Pre-dating The Blair Witch Project, this "found footage" documentary style mystery has a much better, more solid storyline than its more successful doppelgänger, with a lone filmmaker attempting to piece together the "Jersey Devil" crimes, an unsolved murder of another film crew attempting to make contact with supernatural beings deep in remote woods. 
Only the ending, which seems to belong to a different film altogether, disappoints an otherwise decent entry to the found footage subgenre of horror movies.