The Love Guru

D: Marco Schnabel
Paramount/Spyglass (Gary Barber, Michael de Luca & Mike Myers)
US 🇺🇸 2008
87 mins


W: Mike Myers & Graham Gordy
DP: Peter Deming
Ed: Billy Weber & Lee Haxall
Mus: George S. Clinton

Mike Myers (Guru Pitka), Jessica Alba (Jane Bullard), Romany Malco (Darren Roanoke), Justin Timberlake (Jacques 'Le Coq' Grandé), Verne Troyer (Coach Cherkov), Ben Kingsley (Guru Tugginmypudha)

This woefully unfunny excuse for a comedy was so poorly received, Mike Myers career still hasn't recovered from it over a decade later.
He plays a hapless love guru who is hired by an ice hockey team to work his skills on their star player, whose marriage troubles is affecting his game.
The plot is ridiculous, the jokes aren't funny, it's culturally offensive and the performances are irritating, even from Ben Kingsley, making a brief cameo as a character called Guru Tugginmypudha, which speaks volumes about the quality of humour presented here.
Unsurprisingly, the film was voted the worst of 2008 at the Golden Raspberry Awards.