The Mexican

The Mexican ★★

D: Gore Verbinski
Dreamworks/Newmarket (Lawrence Bender & John Baldecci)
US 2001
123 mins


W: J.H. Wyman
DP: Dariusz Wolski
Ed: Craig Wood
Mus: Alan Silvestri

Brad Pitt (Jerry Welbach), Julia Roberts (Samantha Barzel), James Gandolfini (Winston Baldry), J.K. Simmons (Ted Slocum), Bob Balaban (Bernie Nayman)

An incompetent thief is blackmailed by gangsters to smuggle a priceless pistol out of Mexico, his girlfriend being used as leverage to ensure he carries out his mission.
This is doubtlessly one of the biggest cockteases in Hollywood history. Advertised as a blockbuster vehicle for Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts, the pair actually spend hardly any screen time together. Perhaps because they have so little chemistry when they do. Disappointingly forgettable.