The Midnight Meat Train ★★

D: Ryuhei Kitamura
Lionsgate/Lakeshore/Midnight Picture Show/Greenestreet (Clivd Barker, Jorge Saralegui, Eric Reid, Richard Wright, Tom Rosenberg & Gary Lucchesi)
US 2008
98 mins


W: Jeff Buhler [based on the story by Clive Barker]
DP: Jonathan Sela
Ed: Toby Yates
Mus: Robb Williamson & Johannes Kobilke

Bradley Cooper (Leon Kaufman), Leslie Bibb (Maya Jones), Brooke Shields (Susan Hoff), Vinnie Jones (Mahogany), Ted Raimi (Randle Cooper)

A gruesome mix of serial killer slasher and mystery-thriller, starring Bradley Cooper as a struggling photographer who gets involved deeper and deeper into a series of murders on the subway, where the victims are literally butchered by their attacker.
The film follows the usual structure for the films of its type, and though the performances are generally good, the abysmal CGI visual effects just look cartoonish and begs the question why physical makeup wasn't used.
The climax is as disappointing as it is ridiculous.