The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad ★★½

D: Fred Dekker
Tristar/Taft (Keith Barish)
Canada 1987
81 mins
W: Shane Black & Fred Dekker
DP: Bradford May
Ed: James Mitchell
Mus: Bruce Broughton
Andre Gower (Sean Crenshaw), Robby Kiger (Patrick Rhodes), Brent Chalem (Horace), Ryan Lambert (Rudy Halloran), Tom Noonan (Frankenstein's Monster)
Typically tacky, teen-orientated 1980's cheese, throwing in all of the classic monsters of film & literary folklore (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, etc) with no real purpose or plot except to throw them all into a Goonies-style juvenile adventure.
It's very much a project of its own time, and wouldn't really be appreciated now unless you first watched it and enjoyed it upon its original release and simply fancied a bit of nostalgia.
It's probably a film which could be served well by a remake.

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