The Odd Life of Timothy Green ★★

D: Peter Hedges
Disney (Scott Sanders, James Whittaker & Ahmet Zappa)
US 2012
105 mins


W: Peter Hedges
DP: John Toll
Ed: Andrew Mondshein
Mus: Geoff Zanelli

Jennifer Garner (Cindy Green), Joel Edgerton (James Green), C.J. Adams (Timothy Green), Dianne Wiest (Bernice Crudstaff), Rosemarie DeWitt (Brenda Best), Ron Livingston (Franklin Crudstaff), David Morse (James Green, Sr.)

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is a rather odd film. This Disney fantasy for a more mature audience seems to tick all the usual boxes for an Oscar-bait movie, but also fails on most counts.
A childless couple who are unable to conceive write a list of attributes for a perfect child during a wine-fuelled night and bury it in the garden. The next morning, a child has grown, a plant-like Jesus with leaves growing out of his ankles.
The attempted Christ parable really doesn't work here, and the acting isn't of any memorable standard to lift this above an average timekiller.
It will have a very niche market who will enjoy it most, but everyone else will just find it equally strange and mundane.