Shutter Island

Shutter Island ★★★★½

“Remember us for we too have lived, loved and laughed”

I was not expecting this. I often saw the image of teddys wife burning to ashes and i thought i had spoiled myself with the ending and boy was i wroooonng. I enjoyed a lot the movie, and got scared in some parts (which i will let pass just this time) and the shots oh my god, when he is in the lighthouse going up the stairs, or in the cliff, i got vertigo.
In the last 20 minutes of the movie i felt like teddy, I didn’t know if I believe what i was being told, i was trying to remember any signs that I could have missed but i was so caught up with the ending that i just focused on what i was seeing, so this movie needs a rewatch. I love how it ends, so much.

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