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  • Women in Love

    Women in Love


    'I don't care how it is with me... as long as I feel... that I've lived. I don't care how it is, as long as I feel that.'

    I am in love with this movie. I want to watch it forever.

  • In the Realm of the Senses

    In the Realm of the Senses


    Take note, Nymphomaniac - THIS is how you do a movie about sexual obsession.

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  • mother!



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    pure catharsis is me cheering jen at the end like 'c'mon honey burn them ALL to the GROUND'

  • The Square

    The Square


    A wild ride of a movie. Chaotically funny, disturbing and cringe-worthy, sometimes all at the same time.

    Basically it's a Ruben Östlund movie but on crack. And it's one of the best movies of the year.