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  • The Glass Shield

    The Glass Shield


    Beautiful (in a 1980s way), classical (in a 1950s way), and a terrific LA movie (in a 1990s way).

    In both story and performance, the bad guys had no nuance, so it's hard for me to embrace the film as much as I'd like to (even though I love its particular bias).
    But the male/female work relationship was perfect, not over-or de-emphasizing sexual tension and camaraderie.

    I almost want to give it an extra star for featuring a black man who asks,"Wait what's your sign?"

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


    In theme (not performance), I prefer this even to the Renoir version. Along w/ Gaslight (1944), the perfect film about being in an abusive relationship.

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  • La La Land

    La La Land

    Not a review, but a question: How could anyone see Ryan Gosling as anything other than a cautionary tale? Or, as Bront described his character, "pretentious, reactionary, a romantic fool." Those shoes! He's everything bad about post-Swingers LA. He is awful, the cheesiest person ever & so hot. Who doesn't know the pain of this type? The actor is, for the first time, perfectly cast.
    -Also, is this movie really racist? what?

  • Little Sister

    Little Sister

    Richard Brody was right.
    Completely tight, inventive, genuinely funny, genuinely moving.
    It's also the second best Halloween family film ever & a perfect subversion of John Hughes.
    Now that it's on Netflix, play it for your family.