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  • Marjorie Prime

    Marjorie Prime


    I wish all bourgie white people movies were this interesting. I wish all modern sci-fi movies were this credible.

  • Panic Room

    Panic Room


    "Why didn't we do that?" Too many logic gaps for a film this tight.

    But what a leap for Fincher, from this to Zodiac. What happened between these two films?

    Great supporting cast. Ann Magnuson! And loved that this was Home Alone starring Kristen Stewart.

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  • The Lost City of Z

    The Lost City of Z


    Uneasy mixture of magpie 20th century references (that annoying slow zoom in many classical shots) and very trendy "enlightened" politics. Why is it more interesting to depict Fawcett as not really white, not like the other white men, instead of as he was: a racist Buddhist whose search for the City of Z was a search for an advanced society formed by "white Indians." The character becomes dulled by the writing, then dulled even further by Hunnam's jockish & opaque performance…

  • Losing Ground

    Losing Ground


    8 1/2 but for me.

    I had no precise awareness of a gaping hole in my psyche until this movie filled it.