Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I’m not even finished, I’ll add more later.
-losing my mind over the fact that people saw this film and went “this movie taught me not to trust men”...seriously? You learned about the struggles of women from this? You didn’t know till now?

-she is not even the victim, so it’s not really a “revenge” story...
-I wouldn’t wish my assault/abuse to happen to my worst enemy and yet....
-I’m so tired and frustrated...does anyone win? No one wins. It’s depressing to watch as a survivor. It could have been done so well but act two took a turn for the worst and now I’m scared to watch act three
-as a revenge film, it’s not strong. As a character struggling through grief, I have a better perspective of the movie
-this is a white woman’s story told by a white woman so I expected its own gender and race politics to fail but...I’m disappointed especially the gender politics part of it. No real girl power, redemption, liberation. I would feel absolutely miserable if my own abuse become a friend or family member’s downfall and villa origin story 
-I know my own frustrations’ stem from the character’s sense of hopelessness and lack of growth and forgiveness. But this isn’t even a survivor’s journey so how do I, a survivor, connect to this story? It’s not even a survivor’s revenge?

I finished it:
-this is like midsommar where white women confuse it for a “good for her film” but it’s nothing of the sort it’s actually a torture
-why so men like the ending of the film? (Pre the last like 10 minutes)
-at least I may destroy you has a more comfortable ending
-well I guess it’s okay 😐

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