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  • Sorcerer



    William Friedkin’s Sorcerer - ostensibly a remake of Clouzot’s Wages of Fear - is a great example of how to remake what is almost universally regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. Friedkin doesn’t even begin to attempt to ape the style of Clouzot’s masterpiece. Instead, he opts for this strange mix of the pseudo-documentary style of neorealism and the poetic nightmarish aesthetic of Giallo. And somehow these two completely disparate styles come together to create a…

  • One Night in Miami...

    One Night in Miami...


    Regina King’s feature directorial debut One Night In Miami plays out like a visually bland and tonally flat polemic that adds very little new to an admittedly important conversation.

    The only novel and interesting social commentary comes in the form of Leslie Odom Jr’s Sam Cooke and his confrontation with Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Malcolm X regarding the relationship between art, commerce, culture, and social change. The rest of it is very safe and deals with the complicated subject matter with the…

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Tarantino loves Hollywood. Tarantino loves revenge fantasies. Tarantino loves grindhouse, and spaghetti westerns, and classic rock. Tarantino also loves feet. So it comes as no surprise that for his ninth - and allegedly penultimate - feature, Tarantino has put together a shamelessly violent homage to the tinsel town’s tumultuous transformation during the height of the counterculture movement fueled by a wonderfully infectious soundtrack, riddled with feet - predominately those belonging to humans of the female gender - and named after…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    “Why’d you fucking show me something if I can’t have it?”.
    Kevin Garnett - the legendary NBA power forward playing himself - makes the above proclamation at the beginning of Uncut Gems, Safdie Brother’s follow up to their critically acclaimed feature Good Time. Excess - its allure, the resulting pursuit of it, and the inevitable downfall - has always been the defining feature of Josh and Benny Safdie’s cinematic palette.

    Frenetic to a fault, Safdie Brothers’ work is not merely…