The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★★★★

Demons can't come in churches.

one of the most gripping, shaking experiences ive had with a film. i rly try not to frame stuff like this but its absolutely insulting the way that MCU movies are applauded while this sits here like an intruder from a better world with better superhero films. refuses to undercut its emotional stakes with self-trivializing jokes to reassure cynical audiences, has genuine deep affection for and interest in its characters beyond creating something Iconic to Merchandise, has heros of marginalized identities that dont feel primed for a DISNEY'S FIRST XYZ CHARACTER headline, and refuses to be bound by genre. when i first started to realize this is essentially just a chamber drama i was internally freaking out. yet it never becomes a gimmick because the style and genre conventions evolve with the emotional pace of its lovable and distinct characters, wrangling them through elements of cozy interpersonal melodrama, vivid psychological horror, and an action climax that actually feels earned and emotionally fulfilling, with even its resolution prioritizing healing and emotional strength over some kind of Genius Plan By The Super Smart And Strong Superheroes Who Are Way Better Then All Of Us. an absolute masterpiece of communal storytelling, a strong refutation of the most toxic elements of superherodom probably only exceeded by Glass. and even then, this movie might prove even more therapeutic, as it offers greater catharsis and victory to its characters, healing achieved through meaningful bonds, the whole as the best of the parts.

when dani talked about feeling like rahne was too good to be real, that she was worried she was making her up, i had to pause and breathe and cry. i thought it was. only me who. thought and said things like that. thank you for assuring me that youre real.

hard to imagine any superhero stuff near this level. pure fluid expressiveness and humanity thats so soft and warm it feels like i could sleep in it. cant thank alison enough ,without their rec i probably never would have given this masterpiece the time of day

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