Xanadu ★★★★★

We learned about feelings in our mortal history class!

on the sensations that only art's combination of expression and empathy and association can give, on the barriers to those sensations in multiple layers of reality as they are dedicated to how things "should" be in order to preserve existing structures, on limitless expansive possibility space stretching as far as humans can conceive and even further because frankly i believe we can feel things that we cant word or create on purpose. i cant remember the last time i was so desperate for a movie not to end. five or so scenes are some of the best things ive ever witnessed. understands the pure sensory power of the musical, specifically the cinematic musical, more then just about any other movie ive seen. absolutely perfect unity of form and content, as much a defiant demonstration of the philosophy it explores as Lady In The Water, and even manages a similar loose improvisational feeling, continually blissfully surprisingly and revelatory, tho perhaps less jazz and more an elaborate prog pop suite with rainbow flavored keyboard solos. im not too familiar with olivia's career or even the extent of her involvement with this but if this was part of my legacy as an artist i would almost certainly leave this world satisfied. holy fucking shit dude

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