Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

Well I was not expecting Black Christmas to be a slasher film with such a heavy #MeToo message.

Some might like their horror with less politics, but really the message is sound and it's not what hurts Black Christmas, what ultimately kills the thrills is just how downright weird and poorly written the plot is.

It all starts out straight forward enough, sorority girl is killed by a masked figure and then suddenly her friends start getting threatening messages, but then it jumps the shark and goes straight into whacky town and never comes back.

The third act, which I've been informed was heavily spoilt in one of the film's trailers, is just odd. It's sort of conceptual interesting, but in execution it's underdeveloped and feels more than a little rushed. Frankly I'd have just prefered the killer to have been an escaped psycho as per usual.

Imogen Poots is upstaged by Lily Donoghue, who is the clear standout as an activist for female empowerment, but none of the girls really have any significant character traits past a few little quirks and further fleshing them out as individuals could have given the events on screen more gravity.

There's not even any gleeful joy to be had in the creativity of the kills, someone get stabbed with a pair of keys is as elaborate as Black Christmas goes. At least most crappy slasher movies have some fun moments of violence, this doesn't even have that.

In the end Black Christmas is either the least funny horror-comedy ever or the least scary horror film ever, I'm really not sure which it's supposed to be. I do have some respect for the filmmakers for taking this film in a wildly different direction than I was expecting but the writing isn't strong enough to hold it together and the generic horror staples are all included.

Honestly, I probably enjoyed the 2006 remake more, at least that one can be hate watched, this one just sort of exists, I'll give it some credit for trying new things, I suppose but otherwise there's not much to praise.