Stalker ★★½

First watch
Science Fiction
RT: 100% - 8.5/10
MC: 8.2/10
LB: 8.8/10 - 10/10
35mm - Spherical - 1.37:1

Not my cup of tea despite being expertly crafted

Andrei Tarkovsky created a really tangible atmosphere in this film. A lot of it comes from the great performance by Kaydanovskiy, the bleak and shifting cinematography, the beautiful yet haunting score, the slow-moving long takes, and the excellent sound-editing (although it's dated at times). It's also well written, as it lures you in and teases you as well as giving the characters emotional depth.

The dialogue is very philosophically-driven, which is not my thing. I love The Matrix, but I don't care much for the philosophy in that film. That's probably the biggest factor that kept me from loving this film. It doesn't help that the film is almost three hours long either. It actually got a bit annoying after a while. It felt like the story didn't go anywhere.

Didn't do much for me.