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  • The Go-Between

    The Go-Between


    rich and luxurious in style, tame and patient in plotting. i absolutely loved the go-between. i am not naïve to some issues with its form, but i loved its overall nature so much as to shake off those qualms. firstly, the cast is magnificent and everyone onscreen has a hand in its success. i must immediately commend dominic guard who is sensational as leo, never once falling into child actorly traps. he is so open and instinctive and it’s so…

  • The Uninvited

    The Uninvited


    a rather delicious ghost story, strikingly designed and well-executed. i have a soft spot for both ray milland and ruth hussey, and they have great chemistry here (i too have a soft spot for brother-sister movies as i am one half of that pair myself.) it’s just a very pleasant watch, and though it has some genuine spookiness, i was most impressed by the sense of mystery that is allowed to develop over the course of the film. never dull and frequently fun, with donald crisp as a very contrarian and gruff grandpa.

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  • Rocco and His Brothers

    Rocco and His Brothers


    i’m making a concerted effort at the start of this new year to rewatch my favorite films of all time, to gauge whether or not they remain in that exalted category. i am happy to report that rocco e i suoi fratelli remains steadfastly perfect, totally remarkable, and growing still in my estimation. this was another film that i saw twice in the same week when the restoration played at film forum (a friend who worked for m*rty told me that…

  • Army of Shadows

    Army of Shadows


    a absolute masterpiece, as fine a film as has ever been made. i saw it twice in the same week when the restoration played at film forum and i have never been the same since; l’armée des ombres defined the type of cinema that i love. it’s enough to say meurisse, signoret, cassel, reggiani... but the film belongs to lino ventura, a beast of an actor who displays every ounce of his actorly potential. as believable when he’s looking trim in a…