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  • Almost Transparent Blue

    Almost Transparent Blue


    An adaptation of the novel, intriguingly directed by the author himself, Ryû Murakami.
    I finished reading the book, in the original japanese, just the other day and really loved it. I'd go as far as saying it was one of the best books i have read to date. A bunch of young souls living a drug- and sex-fueled life near an american military base, i adored how crassly it depicted the orgies and filth, yet effortlessly delivered a gentle, poignant…

  • Finding the Adolescence

    Finding the Adolescence


    Nice low-key youth romance. The two girls felt very natural, childlike, not one of those films that lays the weight of the world on their shoulders. Some parts i thought were a bit off, for instance the character of the novelist was pretty weak considering how much impact on the story she has, but i enjoyed it nonetheless.

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  • Creepy



    Feels like this was approaching the same sort of character as Cure, but reimagined that person as weaker, more pathetic and surprisingly able to be overcome. Kurosawa's fascination with someone having total control over other people is repeated, but here that someone is shown failing at his own game, breaking his own rules only to pretend it never happened, or having to reel in victims that were not quite under control as much as he had hoped they would be.…

  • Himizu



    Such an emphatic, dreadfully sad but always optimistic study of depression, despair and apathy. That optimism really got to me. Much more than the sad moments, the kind ones moved me immensely.

    This is probably the most topically coherent Sono i have seen. He explores every aspect of Sumida's state of mind, relating everything back to his mental distress and never getting distracted even once. The way those doubts and thoughts are told through extreme events that however, surprisingly for…