Tormented ★★★½

Opposite of a slow burner. A scare a minute from start to finish. And it worked for me, in part because of it's (unintentional?) hilarity but also because of some pretty fun jump scares. A giant rabbit violenty grabbing a child is pretty horrible as it should be. (they should've just called this Rabbit Horror as in the original title btw, i'm sure more people would watch it) There is also an abundance of CGI, which doesn't look great or even good, but some of it is so bizarre it's actually kinda awesome. Almost made me want to watch a 3D movie again, if you can believe that...
Another thing is the psychological horror plot of the whole thing, which isn't particularly original but is executed well, keeps the suspense high and moves you swiftly through the eighty minutes. And Hikari being the lead doesn't hurt either of course.


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