God is dead and a bunch of final fantasy characters killed him

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  • Mad Max

    Mad Max


    It's low budget and it's old, so some of those criticisms can be dispelled, but for me I found it to be pretty dry and unexciting. Admittedly, I went into this movie with the preconceived notion that I was going to witness the iconography that influenced so many other films and video games but was disappointed to find out that none of that is in this movie, it all seemed to stem from it's sequel. I was actually a little…

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    The good thing about this documentary is that you'll learn some important shit about social media's effect on society and your personal life. The bad thing about this movie is the awful sketches they use to move along the plot.

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  • Rampage


    I always found it ironic that the director known for making terrible video game adaptations that are based on surface level understanding of the source material went on to make a film that glamorizes mass shootings. Any proponent of the "Video games cause violence!" argument can just point at Uwe Boll's films. What an asshat.