• Karla



    misha collins is such a phenomenal actor like his every microexpression and subtle action making him a little creepy????? i stan

    laura however? tragically awful. such a flat affect. and y’all talk about kstew? disgusting.

  • The Houses October Built 2

    The Houses October Built 2


    I gave this an extra star for actually talking about addressing trauma.

  • Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl


    My Mom’s Review: “it was cute. it was not amazing.”

  • The Curse of La Llorona

    The Curse of La Llorona


    the supernatural episode was better

  • Onward



    It started a little slow and then suddenly I was crying over the beautiful sibling relationship so. It’s a rollercoaster.

  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

    To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You


    The wait was worth it. I loved this to pieces. It was so cheesy, so colorful, so fun, so cute. I squealed, I laughed, I avoided doing my homework. I also loved the soundtrack. I just have such a special place in my heart for this series.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    This was HO HO HOrrible. I knew this is what Greek life was like.

  • Frozen II

    Frozen II


    This film outstripped its original on all counts: music, plot, characterization, humor. The characters felt more real and lovable, the music was beautiful all throughout instead of just one showstopping number, the animation was gorgeous, the plot was interesting, the jokes were funny. This did not fall into the trap of the funny side character from the original film becoming annoying, predictable, overdone, and not funny. Olaf is still the best fictional character ever. I loved everything about this.

  • Noelle



    First, I would like to thank my mom for letting me make a profile on her Disney+ account. Second, I absolutely loved this. It was fun and jolly and cute and funny. This was like The Year Without A Santa Claus meets The Santa Clause. Christmas Spirit: 15/10.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Halloween really came around and saved the slasher genre because this. This was garbage.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Robert Eggers really outdid The Witch with this one. It was like a dissassociative episode the entire time. The talent in this is undeniable. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe really gave us the performances of their lives. I have no idea what I just watched.

  • Last Christmas

    Last Christmas


    I loved the characters in this film so so much but I hated the “twist” and I wish they had made some better decisions regarding that because with a slight tweak it could have been so good. The plot had some definite holes in it once the “twist” was revealed. But I still loved Emilia Clarke in this so much and her MOTHER! And the humor! It was great.