Moxie ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This movie was the depiction of performative activism. Feels like Amy Poehler discovered feminism and the song Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill a year ago and wanted to let everyone know. But let's break it down, shall we?

1) "straight cis skinny blonde white girl" that has been raised by a #girlboss of a mother finds out that the boys at her school are molesters only when a Black girl talks about it. you would expect something more by someone that has been raised by a self-proclaimed "burning bra" raging feminist

2) we have trans, queer, disabled and second-generation immigrants girls whose stories are being used like accessories to the "straight cis skinny white girl"

3) did "blonde white girl" really spent 20 mins colouring a zine to print it in black and white?

4) "blonde white girl" gets a reality slap from her Asian best friend about the struggle of being a poc. then "blonde white girl" decides to lash out her frustration on her Asian boyfriend ...... right ......

5) lmao when she became a rebel and then put a leather jacket with pins on. so quirky!!!!

6) I legit said "fuck off" aloud when they introduced a r*pe case 16 minutes before the end of the movie. no. fuck off.

7) when, in the middle of her argument with the mother, she said something about her dad not wanting to spend xmas with her. why? what's the context? is she doing all of this to process daddy issues? [cardi B’s voice] what was the reasoooon?

8) nico hiraga's character being referred to as Hand for the whole duration of the movie is still objectifying him. soz. also he is a teenager, why is he talking like 40 year old therapist? nah. (he is the reason im giving one extra star to this, tho)

That's all folks. I really wished to have loved it. But this whole movie is a little too late. Not adding anything new to the narrative, just a clusterfuck off scenarios that are quickly and easily brushed over so the rebel girl can keep being the #girlboss that her mother set her up to be.

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