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  • The Twelve Chairs

    The Twelve Chairs

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "That's the american way of life!" and the scene where they find a wooden block inside one of the 12 chairs and the aristocrat is astonished cutting to the clowns laughter over other chair, (both) could be memes right now.

    An interesting perspective of a satire and critique over the contradictions of the Revolution (and also being originated in a russian novel).

  • 10,000 km

    10,000 km


    I want to watch it since the beginning, but the part I got to see was beautiful, passionate, problematic and true. A perfect depiction of the troubles of a modern long distance relationship.

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  • Repression



    I really think it was a great exercise. Beautifully done, great timing and has an immersive feel to it. You can really feel along with the character.

  • Interstellar



    I think is the first Sci-Fi film that my mom watched before I did in the last 10 years, and considering this woman used to go to the cinema to fall sleep at the middle of any movie and said that it was awesome says a lot about it. She watched it in cinemas and I watched it two years later.
    The first time I saw it I predicted what it was going to happen but, somehow, it still striked…