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  • Countdown



    Not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but far from great

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Not all movies need to be over 2 hours long.

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    Tobey will always be my favourite Spiderman but there's no argument that this is one of the worst spiderman films.
    A lot of my love for the original trilogy is definitely nostalgia in the same way Tennant will always be my favourite doctor but I could go on about that for hours.
    This film has its moments, I love the idea of Venom but imo there's get to be a good film for him. I don't really have many opinions on Sand Man, he's just kinda there.
    Peters a dick, MJ deserves better and Harry still can't act.

  • Night Teeth

    Night Teeth


  • Krampus




  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    If you're friend starts distancing themselves from you, yeah he may be spiderman but instead of being an ass maybe check in on them. Yeah I'm looking at you MJ.

    Decent film, still enjoyed it a lot. James Franko couldn't act to save his life but fuck that guy anyway.

  • Spider-Man



    This was my favourite film as a kid. I watched it so much I know what sound effects are about to play.

    It holds up, it's silly and fun which is exactly what spiderman is. Surprisingly the CGI isn't too awful. Fight scenes look at little clumsy. Of course, got to love the early 2000s fashion

  • Aliens



    I missed the last half hour because Uber Eats messed up my delivery.. seemed good though.

  • The Cleanse

    The Cleanse


    Partners in Crime rip off? Yeah a little.

    Would've been a decent little movie if more time was put into it.

    Didn't hate it, definitely didn't love it..
    Made me kinda sad 😅

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    Lotta monsters lotta laughs. Way to long..

    Side note, can I give them all cuddles?

  • The Descent

    The Descent

    Idk what I just watched but I can say for sure, whoever colour corrected this film needs to calm down.

  • No One Gets Out Alive

    No One Gets Out Alive

    What a load of shit.. so many unanswered questions